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M 10V 8A 8
[past hour]
ROCKSTAR , 42, M, Australia - see his 135 comments
i thought the story line was good. great movie
[2 hours ago]
lorance50 , 57, M, Egypt - see his 4 comments
not bad but not so good .... can be watched
[3 hours ago]
endassey , 69, M, Australia - see his 14 comments
Can only get to 19.78%. Would someone with 100% please help? There are a lot ot peers hanging round waiting.
M 2V 10A 10
[5 hours ago]
fusspot , 72, M, United Kingdom - see his 556 comments
First of all, the title is the Italian word for "Mines" as in Landmines. The opening credits are in Italian but the movie has English dialogue. Personally, I found the story enervating, then unconvincing, then somewhat boring. What goes on, in the main, is part memories and part surreal due to hallucinations from sleep, water, food deprivation under the hot desert sun. What was real in the film after the intial part remained unclear to me. However, can anyone who has stepped on a landmine and cannot lift his foot off the ground so as not to set it off, keep still for maybe 72 hours while hallucinating through total exhaustion of body, mind and spirit retain that same presence of mind not to lift it off, and, to boot, while being attacked by wild dogs during the night, assuming they were real? I think not, therefore rendering the whole premise totally implausible! Otherwise, the movie is well made and well directed. The acting is good too, as are the desert scenes.
M --V 7A 6
[10 hours ago]
TikiThorsen , 34, M, Argentina - see his 190 comments
Included subtitles and available subtitles are utterly USELESS, is better to wait for a BrRip to get proper subtitles.
[11 hours ago]
arielg , 55, M, Philippines - his first comment
Very nice movie, highly recommended.
M 4V 9A 9
[12 hours ago]
Al-Joia , 42, M, Portugal - see his 114 comments
a sort of those bad overacted movies you watch at television on life channels, I did not like for a thriller, he goes out with the sister of his wife and consequences, that´s all, no, not for me. a four is very good for this cause can be watchable for some maybe.
M 10V 10A 10
[13 hours ago]
ketch49 , 51, M, United States - see his 25 comments
Funny ,entertaining and most of plenty of good ole American gore. Ryan Reynolds found his nich in this character.
M 7V 10A 10
[14 hours ago]
suga , 25, M, Korea, Republic of - his first comment
Following the controversy surrounding this movie I wasn't expecting much and had almost altogether missed it, but I found myself very surprised. Naturally for dog lovers, I found this to be a great movie. Quoted from an article,
'American Humane, an organisation which seeks to ensure the well-being of movie animals, said the investigation’s findings “confirm that no animals were harmed in those scenes and numerous preventative safety measures were in place”. '
This should settle doubts, don't miss it!
[14 hours ago]
golumolu , 23, M, India - his first comment
Good movie
M 8V 6A 10
[15 hours ago]
brianczeck , 41, M, United States - see his 5 comments
Another great installment in the series. Full of action and fast paced. I love all the films.
M 3V 8A 8
[16 hours ago]
tachikomaUk , 41, M, Bahamas - see his 28 comments
I've always appreciated how Danny Trejo has improved his lot in life but yeah, his movies suck :(
M 10V 4A 4
[16 hours ago]
rdsnowman , 32, M, United States - see his 6 comments
wait for better quality
M 6V 8A 8
[17 hours ago]
manilaashia , 51, M, United Kingdom - see his 1416 comments
I had no problem understanding them. Mind you. Having said that. I am a Geordie. The movie isn't brilliant but it is worth watching. Some parts of the movie gave me a little laugh ( look out for the scene with the Ice lolly)
M 3V 8A 8
[17 hours ago]
manilaashia , 51, M, United Kingdom - see his 1416 comments
Well someone liked it (the Indian and Romanian gave it an (8/10) I thought it was a peace of crap. If you like low budget movies then this is for you. This movie is definitely not for me.
M 7V 9A 9
[17 hours ago]
manilaashia , 51, M, United Kingdom - see his 1416 comments
Good movie. Worth watching.
M 6V 8A 8
[18 hours ago]
manilaashia , 51, M, United Kingdom - see his 1416 comments
The movie is ok. worth watching. Watch the whole movie and you will understand when I tell you its a ghost story.
[18 hours ago]
singaboy , 52, M, Saudi Arabia - see his 111 comments
M 4V 8A 10
[20 hours ago]
sneakyfox , 34, M, India - see his 3 comments
interesting take but point not delivered
M 9V 9A 7
[22 hours ago]
andrevil , 51, M, India - see his 115 comments
Thank you for another great movie based on recent war events in Iraq. Download it and enjoy.
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